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February 24, 1998

To Whom It May Concern:

SurVivaLink Corporation is pleased to provide this description of the benefits that our company obtained during its tenancy in the Genesis Business Centers' incubator program. We are also pleased to learn that we have been nominated for the Incubator Graduate of the Year award.

We entered the program late in calendar year 1993 and stayed for about fifteen months. During our stay we enjoyed numerous benefits that the Genesis Business Centers' program provided to us. First and foremost, we were able to come together in a single business location; previously, we had been operating out of our homes. We were able to barter our common stock for rent at a time when we needed the cash for filing patents, developing our prototype and a myriad of other activities that were available only on a cash basis.

We further benefited from the association with Genesis Business Centers in that we were constantly receiving visitors through the incubator program. A good number of these visitors invested cash in our business.

An affiliate of the incubator program offered to provide us with soft tooling in exchange for a small amount of cash and some shares of our common stock. This helped us save $100,000 in cash at a very critical time. Further, the expertise of the vendor helped us to expedite the design process by months. The introduction to this vendor and assistance with this transaction were highly valuable.

We have been very satisfied with our experiences in the Genesis Business Centers' incubator program. We highly recommend it to all high tech entrepreneurs that are just starting out. In fact, I have made several recommendations personally to companies for whom I serve on the board of directors. They have found the association with Genesis Business Centers to be extremely valuable as well.